Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ariyasomvilla, Bangkok, Thailand

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ah, morning at Ariyasomvilla, Bangkok.   

Our hotel is a tiny garden spot, tucked away in the middle of a smoggy, bustling city of 12 million inhabitants.  I found the quiet nature of the grounds eerily peaceful.  Flowers abound, their different aromas intriguing you into strolling a little further, peering around the next corner...

This peaceful ambiance is further enhanced by all the statuary on the grounds... 

...every turn presenting another god or goddess, all of them invoking peace, tranquility, harmony...  I can't believe how removed one can be from the stress of the city that awaits a mere hundred meters away.

The entrance to our room...
It's simply phenomenal how mind-numbing exhaustion can be miraculously erased by six hours of sound, sound sleep.

And now, it's time for a bit of breakfast, alfresco, next to the reflecting pool, in preparation for our first busy, busy day in SE Asia!

Perhaps there might be something in the water.
If there is,
             I want more...
                      and I think that Winnie does too!

There is a shrine to the hotel owners ancestors, hidden amongst the flowers and foliage behind the reflecting pool. It is honored with daily offerings of freshly cut flowers, food, and drink to bring good luck,  good health, peace and prosperity.

Typical Spirit House, with offerings of food, drink, and flowers to the good spirits that keep the bad spirits away.

The spirit houses are honored so that good spirits will live there, keeping the bad spirits away.

Am I but a leaf, floating on the water of time...

Am I merely the reflection of a glimmer of light that might have once shown from beyond that which we call our universe?

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