Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chang Mai - Elephant ride

Bai Orchid Farm Chiang Mai.  Absolutely stunning!

Don't pick the flowers, only take picktures.

Crossing the river to the Elephant sanctuary.
I would walk carefully as well if I had a rope around my tail!

The elephants' morning bath

It looks like they are having fun.  It is good to see them treated well and perhaps loved.  The mahouts must train someone to take over the job of caring for an elephant as they can live as long or longer than a human.  If an elephant gets upset, it can take months before they are safe to be around humans again.

Get that spot a little to the left....

The Spirit house of the elephants.  The elephants who have died come to live in the spirit house and keep the bad spirits away.

Shower time!

Wash, rinse, repeat, wipe hands on pants...

If only my dogs liked their bath this much!

There is so much intelligence there!

wisdom, perhaps

Look Ma!  No hands!

Elephants were used to transport teak among other things.  They estimate only 3-4000 elephants exist in the wil in Thailand today.

Nice spot for elephants and peoples

Teamwork.  It takes intelligence for teamwork.  Elephants are intelligent.

The artiste at work!

The art from the artiste

the tourista and the art from the artiste

The artiste again
They are checking his teeth and feeding bananas.  Baby tusks, he is just a youngun!

View from atop the elephant

If you are not the lead dog...but not really...too many twists and turns in the jungle!

This is off-roading elephant style.  The Mae Ping river is shallow here, but gets wider and deeper the closer to Chaing Rai that you get.  Near here is where they filmed Rocky 4.

Winnie named our elephant freckles for the spots on her ears.  It was good to see how gentle the handlers were with the animals.  There was no hitting or kicking.  They just seem to tickle the ears with their feet.

Oh My God!  This lady kept yelling it over and over.  I think she was having fun...I hope!

Lunch ahead!

Just a little drink for the road

View from the restaurant.  Just built with teak.  The roof is thatched with teak leaves.  It will last about 2 years before they have to replace it.

Rafting the Mae Ping river

a beautiful day on the river

More elephants having a stroll

does this remind you of Huck Finn?

Also out for an afternoon stroll

Some kind of bird...does anyone know what it is??

A step back in time...

Hats off this time

Tim as Huck Finn.

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