Saturday, February 2, 2013

SE Asian Trek - Sun, Feb 03, 2013, Chactuchak Market

Replenished by sleep and nourishment, its time to head out across this sprawling, teeming city to the Chatuchack Weekend Market.  This market, open only on Saturdays and Sundays, is a huge and sprawling complex of several square miles, with a labyrinth of passageways, teeming with shoppers of every race and nationality from all over the world... ...there are no words that can adequately describe it.  It boasts everything that one could possibly want, need, or imagine.  And more!  There is every kind of frog, rabbit, mouse, snake, chicken, cat, guinea pig, bird, turtle, fish, lizard, chameleon (with the know which one I mean) and lots of other animals that I didn't even remotely recognize.  And that was just the animal section.  Then there were plants, clothes, furniture, fabric, pictures, lamps, do-dads, what-nots and thingamajigs.  Everything is bartered like a well-rehearsed play.  Think of "Pickers" on TV.  After 3 hours, we hadn't seen a tenth of the place.

Typical street scene, Bangkok

There are at least ten million things that can be purchased to eat... 
Animal, vegetable or mineral... it's here, 
and it's edible.
"They say".

Would you care for the hicken?  or the Be F?  For you, only 70 baht.
You eat now...

The rest of the chicken...
If you dare...

Thai street food, at its best!  Italian chef.  New Orleans dixieland jazz in the background.  What could be more cosmopolitan?  
What!  You no like stir fry?

No problem!  We fix you fresh fish!
Fresh fish.  For you!  Which one you like?  
What?  You no like fresh fish?...

How bout nice hot dog?  Very good!  Give you two hot dogs, price for one!
Very delicious!!

Intricate wood carvings abound!

This hand made "water feature" featuring the elephants, a national symbol of Thailand was about eight feet tall.  Beautiful.  Simply magnificent.

The art of the henna tattoo.  Done on the spot, "while U wait".  Only 60 baht.  Not bad!

An artist at work.  Just another day at the office.

 Finally, enough is enough for the Jatuchack Weekend Market.  It doesn't take me long to shop.  

I sure hope that Winnie makes it back before dark...   As for myself, I think that I'll just stroll out to the Ariysomvilla infinity pool, and contemplate tomorrow's adventure...  The Grand Palace, the Golden Buddha, and the Reclining Buddha.

Until then...

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  1. This is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Not only are the photos "like you're there", but the commentary is priceless (especially the earlier episode at the airport). What a fantastic example of the way the internet can be used at its best.