Saturday, February 2, 2013

SE Asian Trek - Day 2, The Long Sit

Thursday, Jan 31st, 2013      Travel Day!

We arrived at the aerodrome two hours prior to pushback time.  Although we are totally psyched and enthused, we are, as usual, prepared for the worst.  Bring on those TSA Nazis!  Teh bastards...   

Clearing Security was a breeze.  They smiled.  They acted happy.  They were courteous.  They were even helpful.  Where am I, lost in some parallel reality?  

Elated with my TSA good fortune, I arbitrarily imagined that the Nekkid Scanner had accentuated all my attributes for the boys and girls in that secret little room in the back.  My temporary narcissism crashed, flaming, into a smoking hole in the ground when it was determined that my image included a smudge on the left side of my chest. 

TSA - “Anything in your shirt pocket?”
Me - “Nope, it’s a cardiac monitor.”
TSA -“Pffffftttttt, have a nice trip.”
Me - quietly thinking WTF?  “Hey, man, you have a good day too!”

That’s the way it ought to be everywhere, huh?

When you’ve got a chair reserved up front, life is sooooo much easier.  
The exec club for breakfast and drinks.  Let’s see, it’s 10am here.  Add 15 hours for Bangkok time is... Oh, I don’t know maybe 1am?  And bloody hell, I’m going to Tokyo first anyway...  “Sure, I’ll have some wine with breakfast.”

Priority first boarding.

After getting comfy in my pod, I start to look around and play with stuff.  Just like a little kid.  My pod chair?  It has seven different position controls, and of course, is Lay-Flat for my sleeping comfort  across the North Pacific, the ocean terrific!  TV?  You bet.  Everything you can imagine.  And music.  Slippers.  Blinders.  Some kind of “amenity bag” that I didn’t even open.  Little compartments with fun stuff in them.  Deluxe ear phones (no, not quite Bose, but probably pretty good ).

We take off for Tokyo.  It’s early.  I’m lubed.  Life is good.  Let’s see, lunch?  Why yes!  I believe I will!  Uh oh.  Decisions points.  Should I not have had that last blass ov vine?

Japanese or Western meal?  (Western, last chance for a while)
I’ll start with the shrimp, garnished with avocado and red onions.
Next course, salad with peppercorn ranch.
Next, Pumpkin bisque.... (went really great with the Sauv Blanc)
Entre, well, the tenderloin, of course!
Finished it of with cheese, and fresh strawberries drenched in chocolate.  
Oh... and a wee dram of porto.  

Nighty-night from somewhere over the North Pacific.  Even though it’s light outside.  Since we’re chasing the sun from East to West, it’ll probably be annoyingly light all the way to Tokyo.  And then to Thailand.  I’m just going to turn off the computer.  Maybe ponder the truth of life.  And taking chances.  As I ponder the crystalline truth of Arlo Guthrie’s “The Motorcycle Song”.  

I..... don’t want a pickle, 
I just want to ride my motorcycle.
I..... don’t want to die.......
I just want to ride my motorcy


We arrived at Bangkok around midnight.  I don't know about Winnie, but I was totalled.  Clearing Customs/Immigration was easy...  
ICE - "Anything to declare?"    
Me - "I do declare that I'm tired as hell."

ICE - "Enjoy your stay, buh bye."
Well, that takes care of that...

We reclaimed our luggage and followed a mass of people toward... Oh god I hope that they know where the hell they're going...the exit!  And then received a SIGN!  Peter, our
BKK guide escorted us to a mini-bus and 45 minutes later we arrived at Ariyasomvilla.  Our home away from home for the next few days.

Ariyasome is a little 25 room boutique hotel built in 1942 and is simply lovely.  Our charming suite has it's original beautiful teak floors and all the modern amenities including... AIR CONDITIONING!  That's all I needed.  Tomorrow, we'll actually see what the hotel looks like and then head out for some shopping.  For tonight, though, I won't even remember falling into bed.  Zzzzzz.

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